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Our house means we have a home! Home is where family and friends gather for cookouts, holidays, and birthdays. Our home is a safe haven when we have a rough day! Our home brings a sense of belonging in a safe neighborhood! Our home encourages my family and others to make, achieve, and exceed goals! Our home's motto is We are home! We equals everyone who thought of the process, built our home, sponsored and partnered with Mon Valley Habitat for Humanity. Lot 10 has transformed to 26 Addison Circle to the home where everyone is welcomed! This is what our home means to the Walker Family!!

~Danielle Walker, homeowner

Universal Design has been applied to affordable homes by Mon Valley HFH to meet the changing needs of individuals and families. Regardless of what families might experience - a change in health status, a child with special needs, or an elderly family member who visits or moves in, a UD Habitat Home can meet those needs.

Several years ago, the organization was contacted by a single mother caring for her son with disabilities. The family was displaced by Hurricane Katrina but elected to make West Virginia their permanent home after being relocated here when their Louisiana home was destroyed.

UD was the logical way to meet the needs of the displaced family and others who needed affordable housing. This design would meet current needs as well as any changing physical needs family members may experience as time went on.

"Our home is accommodating to my sons, mother, and some friends who have certain limitations," Danielle Walker explained. "A universal build home is more than a ramp; it's a lifestyle," she continued. "It is independence knowing we can be self-reliant despite our limits. It's the little things that makes life meaningful."

Mon Valley HFH took Universal Design to the next level by not only using the concept for the Walkers' house; a truly inclusive neighborhood was created where anyone could live. Costs were contained while these home were being built. Habitat estimates the cost of creating UD homes added less than $1,000 to the overall cost of building, keeping them affordable.

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